Tuesday, November 06, 2018

I Pray for the Birds

Every night
I walk past the cage,
dim the lights,
bring my palms together
and solemnly pray:

“I pray for the birds:
please watch over them,
keep them safe,
keep them comforted,
help me to provide for them.

help them to
be kind to one another
share their food,
clean water,
may they enjoy
the sweet brace
of fresh air.

While they are in
temporary cages,
may they one day
fly again,
and when they do,
may they
glorify Your name
and sing Your praises.”

I pray for
the birds,
as I pray for all
of us,

with our feathers ruffled,
songs screeching,
and confused expressions,

for we are no more
grand than
Your birds.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    interesting idea - "praying for the birds" ...
    caged birds, yes? I can appreciate it ... and for the "wild ones" - are they truly wild, anymore, in a world so far gone for humanity?!

    interesting layers here, with some deeper questions posed, to the mind, with no clear-cut answers, other than turning to our own hearts ...

    interesting poem

  2. Consider the lilies...and the creatures of the air. LOVE this, Mosk.

  3. Still the bird are caged... and sing for their wish to be free.

  4. Wow. What an incredible, amazing, beautiful and humane poem.

  5. we are all in cages, aren't we?

  6. This is beautifully evocative!

  7. That hit home, strongly written