Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Unstoppable Rain (Prompt: Unstoppable)

It's taken years
to un-learn
that purposeful alienation
of my self
from my feelings.

when I see something
unspeakably beautiful,

or feel something
dark and cold
collapsing upon itself
at the core of my being,

or rejoice ecstatically
in those rare moments
of bliss,

I allow the tears
to stream down my cheeks
accompanied by sighs
sobs or
as the case may be.


I have triumphed
over what was intended to be
the unstoppable power
of male socialization,

with the
rain of
human teardrops.


  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Buddah, this is one of your best.

    The whole idea of "Barbies vs. Tonka Trucks" concept is lost on me, yet there are still those who stick to the pink and blue "norms."

    Living outside those, actually breaking through them, is an accomplishment for any man today. Tears are a gift from God, and I'm so glad you found them.

    Happy New Year, my bruthah! Ameleh

  2. As a woman, I have no problems with tears nor expressing my emotions. But I can see it may be a concern to others, specially men. I don't think it less of a man if he cries; I think he is a brave man if he cries.

    Happy New year to you~

  3. I think 'real men' cry:) I love this poem. You wrote it in a tender and yet masculine form. sniffle...

  4. Well said indeed! what a gift to be able to un-learn some of that "purposeful alienation." Let it rain!

  5. You da' man, unstoppable.

  6. I love this. I wish more men allowed those tears to come.