Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What My Neglected Lover Thinks (Prompt: What _____ Thinks)

We used to make
music together, and
though you couldn’t say
it was beautiful,
it was ours.

We would fly away
to quiet islands
where his touch
would bring forth
my sweetest sounds,

I was there
when every other female
broke his heart.

I’d take him in
all busted up and pitiful,
even smiling as he croaked out
the Great American Songbook,
until I nursed
that ungrateful bastard back
among the living.

Now I stand

waiting in his closet
with the rest of
his neglected digital concubines,

each with the empty promise
that we’ll be loved soon,
but we’ve all grown a bit jaded

I should’ve seen
it coming,

The guitar
and the drumsticks
tried to warn me.


  1. LOVE the last line...I'm married to a musician, a really good guy, but wow, I've known some not so nice guys through the years!

  2. The last stanza definitely blew me away!

  3. Music... as love stay for ever... great verse

  4. Very insightful and sensitive. I'm having a hard time believing it could be YOUR "neglected lover". :)

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Well, I guess you know how I feel about this. Every musician I know will receive a link to your site. Classic Buddah, loved it! Peace, my bruddah, Ameleh