Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rock Bottom (Prompt: Dead End)

When the police ask

if you have any
unused vacation time
so you can go into hiding
until they can
find and dissuade
the man who is
trying to kill you
because he (erroneously) thinks
you raped his wife

and you pack
as many of your possessions
that’ll fit in the back of your Honda

and you take
one last
good look around
at the room
and think
“what if I never see this

you’ve probably hit
rock bottom.


  1. Um...yeah, I would think. Love this kind of poem. Makes you think and wonder, is this funny or sad or just glad because I'm not that person?

  2. Sometimes the best poetry is just the blunt, honest story.

    But then, sometimes the rock isn't really the bottom.

  3. I like "probably" at the end.

  4. Yup, I'd agree! Sounds like rock bottom to me. However, sometimes when one thinks it can't get does.

  5. Unfortunately, some don't think of it as rock bottom.

  6. Pain is different on everyone's scale, right? Yeah, this is rock bottom... and it's a sad story. The insert of that single word, "probably," ensures that the worst may still be yet to come. OY! Ameleh

  7. I also like the twist that the word "probably" gives at the end, a sense that the man in the poem is quite talented at getting himself into trouble. Very thought-provoking, Mosk!

  8. Love a poem that tells a story but leaves much to the imagination, like this one.