Monday, April 30, 2012

Everybody Plays (Prompt: Fade Away)

Step right up,
try your hand!
Take a breath
and outwit Death!

It’s the only
game of chance
where everybody plays
and everybody loses!

Spin the wheel
and try to outwit
Father Death
and he plucks
fathers from children
leaders from countries
husbands from wives.

Will your beneficiary
get to cash in on
your term-life insurance?

Can you beat
that train
to the crossing?

Should you risk taking
your chippie
to the motel
when you’re also taking
high blood pressure meds,
high cholesterol meds,
and Viagra?

If you’re lucky,
you’ll get a warning.
Some of you
will overstay your welcome.
Most of you
won’t know what
hit ya!

Haven’t entered yet?
Don’t worry,
you’re already in!

The Last Lottery!
The Final Round-Up!
The Happy Hunting Grounds!
The Great Beyond!

The trip of a lifetime
is just waiting for you!

Who’ll be today’s lucky

it’ll be



  1. I hope it's not me--I haven't finished reading 1Q84 yet, but I'm already over 500 pages into it. It would seem like such a waste to croak before I find out how it ends!

    1. Then read the last page first, like Harry in "When Harry Met Sally."

  2. Laffin @ Lolamouse! I'm the same way. I am more than happy to scoot my happy ass on over to the Other Side, but wait until my dog goes first cos I can't leave him, and let me finish this book, and watch the Netflix movies that are waiting on the table, and tomorrow I might write a stellar poem, and...

    1. That's why I keep buying books- if I still have books to read, then I can't die. Simple as that.

  3. Good one, Mosk! So many spend all their time chasing the greener grass and as a result miss what's right in front of them.

    1. Thanks,Laurie ,

      "if I ever go looking for my heart's desire I won't go any further than my own backyard." Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

  4. Someday it will be each of us! No one escapes. Good write, Mosk.

    1. Thanks Mary, no one gets out of here alive, not least of all me!

    2. Hey, Mosk. Love the tone of this ... so sassy and fun. This is stand-up comic Death talkin'. DJ Death. Spoken-word sasparilla Death.

      Hope you're well. Come take a peek at my erasure poem or visual found poem, whatever. It was a great month!

  5. Love this, it has the feel of a circus side-show barker. "Step right up, one and all!" I always found those creepy, and yet enticing in a way.

  6. And then there are the reasons we play against death -- poetry, pals, enchiladas... ;) Thanks for hanging out this month. Enjoyed you as always. :) - Andrea

  7. Buddah, this was sincerely twisted, creepy, and wonderful. Remember Tom Waits' "Step Right Up"? That kind of feel.

    The part about blood pressure meds and Viagra was the livin' end. Thought I'd pee my pants, truly! Love from your sista from anudda mudda, Ameleh (tomorrow, the Wisconsin primaries; first step to getting Scott Walker the hell out of the Capitol!!)

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