Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stones (prompt: Judging)

Long story short:
it didn’t go down.

No, it was all set to happen,
we were all there,
we had our stones ready to go.

We had this whore
dead to rights.

We had her surrounded,
and there she was,
whimpering like the
adulterous bitch
that she was,

and then I see Jesus
in the crowd
and I figure
I’m gonna outfox this bum
once and for all,
and say

“Hey, Jesus,
we caught this woman
in the act with some guy
who wasn’t her husband,
 so we’re going to stone her
like the Mosaic law says,
or do you have a problem with that?”

So, what does Jesus do?
He crouches down
scratches something
in the dirt,
wipes it away
and says

“Let he who is
without sin
cast the first stone.”

So, what could I do?

Since I was the one
she was doing it with,
I had to put my stone down
and walk away.


  1. Nothing like the old double standard. Got to love that supremely sexist tome, the bible. But this Jesus fellow takes all the fun out of getting riled over other people's behavior. I predict that he will come to a bad end if he keeps it up.

  2. Jesus was always a good psychologist as well as having a more heavenly role!

  3. Awesome take on this prompt, Mosk.