Friday, April 27, 2012

The Problem is That It’s a Perfect April Afternoon (Prompt: The Problem is...)

The problem is that it’s
a perfect April afternoon,
and that bright blue
cloudless sky,
looks even prettier
because it’s dressing up
a Friday afternoon

which means it’s only
a few more hours
until I get to
be with you again,
because I have missed you
so much this week
(but I always miss you),

but since you’re in one city
and I’m in another
(and since neither of us
is independently wealthy),

instead asking you
to meet me for
a quick, private picnic,
I’ll go back to my office,
and hope that
you had
the same thought of me
upon seeing
this perfect
and problematic
April afternoon.


  1. I hope your dreams come true, Mosk!

  2. Having a poem written about and for you is almost as good as being with the poet. Almost. :)

  3. "Two lovers entwined pass me by/ And heaven knows I'm miserable now" --Morrissey


    1. please please please let me get what I want this time.

  4. That's beautiful. Whoever the subject is, is a lucky person indeed.

  5. Thanks, and yes, she is.