Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Love Poem Recipe

1. Decide if you want
it to be
or representational,
as this will
determine the
poem’s trajectory.

2. Pick three memories
of your beloved
(two obvious ones
and one almost forgotten one),
and set them aside.
Later, scatter them
throughout your work
to suggest
your beloved
has casually become
the center of your

3. Write something
about your beloved
that you cannot say
about any other person
in the world.
Do not despair,
if necessary,
fabricate something credible
and trust that the person
will grow into that.

4. Make a positive comparison
about one of your partner’s
physical attributes
to something non-physical,
“your lips
hold the promise
of a hundred
Christmas Eves.”

5a. (for men only),
if you must write
about her body parts,
do not use slang
or the anatomically
correct Latin term;
either of these will
kill the mood,
5b. (for women only),
if you must write
about your future plans,
do not mention marriage
or wished-for children;
either of these will
kill the mood.

6. Dump all
these ingredients
into a word processor,
hit the start button.
Turn it off
when your words
begin to look
like mush.

7. Do not present your poem
in calligraphy
or have it center-aligned,
both of which
imply insecurity.
Simple handwriting
or a plain font,
left justified
should suffice.

8. If you realize
that your poem
doesn't adequately
convey the expanse
of your love,
that means

a) congratulations,
you have a love
for the ages! or

b) your poem
needs a rewrite.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Excellent! 8 step recipe. Looks like it turned out okay. I shall cook up my own batch borrowing your recipe, perhaps.

  2. Oh this was so entertaining! alignment indicates insecurity? Oops, I am now feeling insecure about my center alignment! LOL.

  3. Love it. I wish I had one of those word processors, mine is the one I was born with and it's showing its age. ha

  4. Oh this is a deliciously witty one, yummy

    Much love.

  5. Agreed with Gillena... :D
    Witty and beautifully written...!

  6. I should have read this before writing my poem.. darn.

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    This is the best thing I've read in a long time, as far as love poems are concerned!!! Thank you so much for this 'just before bedtime' laugh! Brilliant! Truly wonderful (and I feel I should go back and un-center my attempt)!

  8. Actually perfect!

  9. LOL. Wonderful all the way through to the brilliant, anti-climactic finish.

  10. That's my new favorite recipe! And I'm so glad you didn't say beat well. ;-)

  11. Love it! Now I know how to write about love.

  12. I love this. Especially 6. ~

  13. Okay, let's see...

    "I want to marry a 1965 Pontiac and let my girlfriend get me pregnant in the back seat."

    Oops. Back to 5b.

    Love this tutorial, Mosky!

    la la

  14. This is my poem of the month from your pen!


  15. Ok .. I tried your recipe... i think it became more love...

  16. I love it....I knew my poem needed a rewrite, smiles ~

  17. Well, nertz to those who think my sometimes center aligned poems show insecurity. But that point about the rewrite is spot on. Very clever piece. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura. "your lips....Christmas eve" - love that line.

  18. This is wonderful. This should be a dVerse prompt one day or another. Truly well done.

  19. Anonymous7:04 PM

    it does begin to all seem a bit contrived and formulaic...shame

  20. LOL... "fabricate something credible and trust that the person
    will grow into that." My new mantra!!!

  21. hahah... that is a fun piece... and i'm glad that there's not really a formula for love poems needed - like there's none for love...smiles

  22. Anonymous6:16 AM

    What a great how to list! love it

  23. Anonymous12:51 PM

    this reminds me of the idea that if an actress tells you she loves you, how can you possibly believe her :) - I especially enjoyed the ending

  24. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Some good the ending. :)

  25. Ha ha ha, the whole notion of the recipe is wicked fun! Yes, if Lex were to write a poem about me, I would want anatomical correctness; i.e., "Her vagina/swayed in the breeze/tuna salad/and herb tea on a dry plate..."

    You know, honesty. I LOVE THIS SHIT! Your sistah, Ameleh

  26. Anonymous9:50 PM

    brilliant! Love the use of a "recipe" for writing a love poem!

  27. Too funny! A recipe to try when you don't know what's for supper :)

  28. This is just wonderful, perfectly executed.

  29. Witty and wonderful.
    Anna :o]

  30. How fun. Actually these are great suggestions, Buddah. How are things in M.V.? I'll be passing through next weekend.

  31. Yes.. the ingredients of poetry are one and same as what makes life worth living in death or life in life or death.. in love or loss as loss in loving love...

    And then there is the flow.. that comes from deep.. never knowing any of the ingredients in thoughts alone.. the truest fires of imagination and creativity..

    know no ingredients but free...:)