Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Where is Sarah’s Miracle?

When the Lord’s Supper
is shared in our church
lights are dimmed,
and I was grateful
for the darkness,
because I was doubting,
wondering why
the Lord
saw fit
to scratch
my daughter’s brain,
in utero, 
marking her with
cerebral palsy,
mild enough
to prompt the
but ignorant
at least
it’s not
that bad.”

(Never mind that she
has been diagnosed
with depression
since she was 7;
anxiety and OCD
as a teen.)

I sat with my head
in my hands,
hiding my tears,

“where is her miracle?
Do You even perform
miracles anymore?”

Sensing the usher
standing by,
I looked up
and it was Bill.

Bill should have died,
when he was driving
that two-lane highway
through the Badlands,
and was struck
by a Mack truck.

He was in
intensive care
for half a year,
for a half more
and now
here he was,
smiling and offering me
God’s grace
in the form of
an unleavened cracker
and a plastic
cup of grape juice.

I ate the bread,
drank the juice,
and patiently
kept on
for her miracle.


  1. Absolutely remarkable...!!! Speechless..

  2. All I know is that everyone i truly admire has been through all kinds of shit in their lives. Trust, despite appearances, is the best i can offer.

    ps--Why is it always a Mack truck? Don't Peterbilts ever hit anyone?

  3. extremely touching. tears prickle at the corners of my eyes.

  4. Anonymous6:42 PM

    wow. love.

  5. Powerful and I pray she gets one! This read like a story that haunts and lingers and we hope and pray she receives God's grace~

  6. I may never understand certain mysteries, but I do know truth visits from time to time, like here, in your pen. ~

  7. I had a student in one of my classes who told me that he had a head-on run-in with a Mack truck. He remember's nothing of that day (my BIL who crashed his airplane had the same experience) of the accident. It took him and my BIL a lot of time to recover. My BIL still experiences loss of memory problems, short term is the worst.
    I hope your daughter's experience so far will be the worst that she will have. My next hope is that she will finally recover or adapt well enough to have a nice story like those three have to tell.

  8. Such personal thoughts set in the form of poetry seem to ask only that they be read. It would be an intrusion to comment on content but this was a powerful reading experience.

  9. I love the quietness and directness with which you tell this.

  10. May the wait be fruitful... ♥

  11. Thanks for stopping by :D

  12. This is filled with such raw and honest emotion, a felt poem for certain.

  13. The honesty of this piece must cause each of us to reflect on gifts, blessings, challenges and acceptance. A strong write.

  14. I've had similar thoughts about my daughter and this made me cry a little.

  15. Thank you for this poem.