Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mussolini the Crow

Every morning
perched atop
the three storied
steel and glass office,

Mussolini the crow

surveys the filling parking lot,
squawking declarations
and orders,
his ranting lost
on human ears.

I always stop
and smile
as he berates me
with all the others:

"You fools!
Don't you see
you're just wage slaves!
Your life is being
traded away for mere
Don't go in there,
they'll take everything
from you, and won't stop
until they have your soul!"

Nobody listens
as we all dutifully
single file in
with quiet resignation.

Still every day
he is there,
taunting us
without mercy.

he isn't even a crow,
but rather
a mockingbird.


  1. This is a picture of Mussolini the crow, on my actual office building, Riverside, California.

  2. I can see the way he taunts and maybe tempt you all.. Perched above there is something dramatic yet comical with a bird like that.

  3. You're off the 91? I've spend a(n un)fair amount of time on that strip of concrete. Damn bird has relatives everywhere ~

  4. I think I'm in love with Mussolini the crow.

  5. Yes, and maybe a bit of a gloat to go with the taunt. This is superb.

  6. hmm..he's a bit wiser no doubt :)

  7. This is beautifully written..!!
    Loved it :D

  8. I think I have seen those same crows on top of our building ~ Sadly we are wage earners refusing to listen ~

    Thanks for linking up & wishing you good week ~

  9. For me, the best part of this narrative is that you see the crow - many of those wage slaves are probably completely ignorant of his presence. You at least are looking up.

  10. Crows have been proven to be highly intelligent and are able to recognize human faces. Maybe he is taunting you in particular...(hehehe).