Monday, May 18, 2015


Just about everything
about him is
in transition,

not yet arrived.

Still wet and unformed
but I can sense
the outline
the nascent adult profile
and his unimaginable future.

His eyes are bright
and he sways from
left foot to right foot
unsure in most situations.

He is an odd admixture
of musculature and braces
and he has big dreams
big ticket dreams,

and I try to show him
that big ticket dreams require
big sacrifices
and long pants.

I know he’ll be
just fine and
maybe I don’t need
to stay on him
every second,

but that’s the
same way my dad
stayed on me,

and he earned my lifetime
of gratitude
love and

and deep down
that’s what I want
from my son.

Love is not always
hugs and nice words

it’s honestly
showing your son
how the world works
enough times
so he’ll remember
the lesson
long after
the teacher
is gone.


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Love this verse:
    'and I try to show him
    that big ticket dreams require
    big sacrifices
    and long pants.' ~
    I want this for my son's too.

    1. Thanks, the long pants reference is one of my favorites. Yes, being a man is self-sacrifice and telling that to a teenager is depressing. My son is now 24 and a registered nurse. Yay! He's employed.

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Oh man, this is awesome. I feel this so deeply. I have three daughters and now a surprise baby boy who's just over 1. And now matter how I handle things, it seems like I've made the wrong choice. I loved the part about having to wear long pants. :)

    1. Just love that boy and don't be afraid to be tough on him. I think moms try to be extra sweet to only sons, but that's a flaw. Boys turn into men and men need to be strong. You get strong only under hard times. Listen to "A Boy Named Sue" a few times for the moral. Thanks, Mom!