Wednesday, May 06, 2015

My High School Prom Prank, May 1981

In our prom portrait,
gazing off
into the distance,
we're wearing competing
500 watt smiles,
and in spite of my rented
cinnamon-colored tuxedo,
we looked like
a happy couple.

We entered late,
and surprise rippled
through the ballroom
as I entered with a girl
who wasn't from our school
who pretty enough to be
a model,
which, she was.

We danced,
we laughed,
we made small talk
with the popular kids
who play acted at being adults,
and for one evening,
high school wasn't bad.

The prank was
she was just a good friend
and nothing more,
partly because she was
a good Mormon girl,
but mostly because I didn't
light her fire.

for her selfless collusion
in humoring my delusion
to help create the illusion
of my desirability,
I'm forever indebted.

Thanks, Bonnie.


  1. It's amazing how long a kindness that the other person was under no obligation to do, can linger in our memory, and how much it can continue to mean.

    Next life, you may escort ME, kind sir! I'll be sitting by whatever they have instead of phones, by then. ;-)

    la la from Ms. Blossom

    1. You ain't kidding. Every prom season I silently thank my friend for the nice memory. Next life, you've got a date, that is if they're not doing virtual proms with holograms and such by then . :) la la from el Mosk

  2. Parallel universe strikes again. LOVE this...and how it helped me relive a nice memory of "Darrell" my senior year!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this, Mosk, class of 1981

  3. Love this! That's awesome.