Monday, May 18, 2015

Mount Rubidoux

I rode my bike
to the top of
Mt. Rubidoux.

I hadn't done
it recently,
so I wanted to see
if I could
still do it.

All the way
my quivering legs
my rioting heart
were both threatening
to desert me,
but somehow I made it
up that bastard
and I pulled my bike
into shady corner
of the mountaintop landing.

I was dizzy
sucking in as much
oxygen as I could possibly inhale.

I laughed as I lied down
to keep from fainting,

"such a small mountain
and still it kicked your ass..."

my heart
kept raggedly pounding.

I have many other things
to tackle today
but I'm going
to savor this moment
up here.

As I enjoy this view
of my neighborhood
from a mile in the sky
I smiled

knowing the only way
to get such a view
is to make such a journey,

and often
the only way
to do it
is just
to do it.


  1. I'm particularly struck by "rioting heart." Just such a great description.

    1. Thanks, de. Actually my heart was rioting and cursing my lazy ass.

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    You have a typo here:
    "oxygen as I [could] possibly inhale."

    Great advice:
    "knowing the only way
    to get such a view
    is to make such a journey"

    I'm the worst at this. I just want to stay at home. :P

    1. I know how you feel - staying home has a comforting inertia. But get out! Smell the air, make that heart pump, then come home and write. Thanks, Mosk