Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Her World Turns On Weakness

Feeling like a cockroach
that even God pitied,
I went to her street.

I knew she’d be there
and she surprised me
by giggling
“you looking for me baby?”

My blush convicted me.

Giving her the once over,
she looked exactly as I
only better.

“You haven’t been around lately”
I had dreamed of her lips,
that playful smile.

“We can make it like old times.
I can’t hold a grudge,
even though you have
been a naughty boy
staying ‘way so long.”

My heart diverted the blood
from all my extremities
save for one.

She was always up for a good time.
She’d let you do any nasty thing
your mind could conjure
and I always wanted to be
the freakiest one
in her collection.

“You’re thinking ‘bout those old times,
aren’t you, Sugar?”

She knew
the phantasmagoria of carnality and excess
we’d known
but my memories were fading in and out
like faulty television signals.

She leaned closer
and tried to sweeten the deal
by whispering in my ear
“I can still suck it good
until your head pops, Daddy.”

Her bluntness told me
she was playing for keeps
and I knew the pathetic cadre
of men
she had snared
and kept.

Her world turns on weakness.

I looked at her, smiling
and shook my head “no.”

She was lousy at being coy
but she tried:
“I’ve missed you.
It’s been almost 18 years.”


She knew she was losing,
so she reached down
and ran her open palm
over my semi-hard Vulnerability
and fixed me with
a purposeful gaze, saying
“I know you want it.”

I continued staring.

“No one will ever know.”

We’d played this game before
and this is always how it ended.
This time would be no different.

As I turned and walked away
her singsong trill trailed behind me
“I’m here anytime you need me.”

I continued walking
thankful I had escaped
with my sobriety


  1. The lure of addictions must be as insidious as you have described. Quite unnerving to contemplate.

  2. this guy likes to test his limits, walk the edge!

  3. Sometimes being stoic is the only way, though you might be willie-fied by that blood-filled member.

  4. Very powerful metaphor of addiction - the tawdriness, the shame, the bluntness. The title is brilliant and it keeps going from there.

  5. Sometimes it can be difficult to turn away from desire & temptation. I m glad the protagonist was firm and resolute and in the end was able to walk away.. his sobriety intact. Well penned :D

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Excellent poem. Quite gripping throughout.

  7. Intense poem.. well executed.

  8. Oooooh, even more powerful when one learns the seductress is alcohol, not some floozy......Powerful write!

  9. Love this. Capital V for Vulnerability. Uh-huh!

  10. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Fantastic. Man, this hits close to home.