Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Businessman Speaks Again

"I used to be
a Christian
until I made
a six-figure salary.

Then I became
an American;
it’s easier
to give money
to the poor
when you’re
one of them.

I made it.

I now espouse
the religion
of capitalism,

which I define

a poorer man
fellating a richer man
fellating an even richer man
until all that
hot, sticky money
trickles down.

When I was a Christian
I used to believe
“that which you do
to the least of these,
you do to me.”

I believe in survival of the fittest:
it’s easier
and more rational.

there’s a Walgreen's
next to my bank,
so I can buy
more mouthwash
after I
cash my paycheck."

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  1. I think at least he is honest enough not to claim that he's still Christian.. the sacrilege of claiming that Christianity is all about protecting those that have the most is even more sickening than honest greed.

  2. I survived Corporate america and a six figure income. Leaving it for a higher calling. I don't know, what passes for Christian these days is pretty shallow. Doing unto others would actually be a step up for most. Capitalism is the new religeon for sure, especially in the church - which becomes the weekly injection to make yourself feel a bit better about how you live your life. What does all that treasure in this world amount to anyway. Fame is fleeting, and the wrong target besides.

  3. Ya, so much today seems to be 'survival of the fittest.'

  4. Oooh, wicked poem (and sadly, probably all too true...). I've seen people lose all their ideals and good intentions once they got caught up in the market economy and joys of capitalism... I just wonder if the definition of capitalism would roll quite so cynically off the tongue of a born-again Capitalist? That stanza does not ring quite as true to me as the rest of the poem.

  5. money has a way of changing people

  6. The survival of the fittest.. is a tragic but true story.. well penned :)

  7. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Ha ha ha! This is so original ... and totally awesome.

  8. I too believe in the survival of the fittest....but sadly not in the way of a businessmen, all concerned with just the money flowing back to him...

  9. I believe in survival of the fittest:
    it’s easier and more rational.

    It has always been there. As long as self interest governs a living for animals or man elements of survival and protection are uppermost. Only the degree of viciousness differs!


  10. Well said! Excellent writing tonight.. how easily it is to say no to love and care of the least among us! --even to caring for our endangered earth!

  11. And for truth, our Christian friends will tell us - the love of money is the root of all evil. I for one would like to know what it is like to have so very much money, I can give it away to so many people. Survival of the fittest often becomes - survival of me.....well written. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  12. You have nailed it in the most entertainingly wry way possible.

  13. Brutal.. but true I guess in many ways.

  14. Anonymous4:50 AM

    This is brutally saddening.

  15. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Christianity is like sport - some hardly practice at all, some become masters, but they are few. It's a hard path to master. I know I haven't yet.

    Capitalism is freedom, until the game is rigged and the invisible hand becomes the invisible chains.

  16. There are more things in heaven and earth, Fellatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Or something like that!)

    la la from Miss Potty Mouth

  17. Oh my. Yeah. Capitalism does feel like a religion more often than not.

  18. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Youch. But very, very true.

  19. Ah.. the core of Capitalism steeped deep..
    in a Patriarchy of repressed emotional
    life of little boys.. growing cold.. finding
    release in sex and not much else.. and
    when that gets boring all is left is power..
    but the whole of life will never ever be
    filled without that heArt.. that fuels a
    spiRit expressing sOul.. wHere
    satisfaction is always now..
    with never a need but
    for the present of
    giving love..
    Oh.. the
    path to
    hell is paved grey..
    with deserted tears
    of desert eyes of hate..
    AND Love wins the
    now.. you lose
    you lost.. you'll never
    see lasting now
    satisfaction in
    power or greed..
    or one night
    stands of

  20. abso-fkn-lutely. ~