Monday, June 22, 2015

Will There Be Bibles in Heaven?

Will there be bibles in Heaven?
or nations?
or wallets?

The first year in Heaven
will be spent
at our previous imaginings
of the afterlife,

and the Jerry Falwells
the James Dobsons and
the Pat Robertsons
of this world
will be there too
looking for people
to minister to
but they won’t enjoy it
so much
because it really
won’t be like they thought
it would
or should be,

and some of the inhabitants
of Heaven
will be expected
--like the Christians who
proclaimed Jesus as Lord
and the Orthodox who kept
every one of the 613 mitzot--

but those in the afterlife
may be surprised by the absence
of those who said
they would commit their lives to God
but really never did
and acted holy
for every reason
except the right one,

their souls may be somewhere else
and perhaps that is where I’ll be,

but as I see it
Heaven will have a bible
and a copy of the Koran
and of the Bhagavad Gita
and the Upanishads
and of all the holy books

because Heaven welcomes all books
and all those who find them holy.


  1. Well if that is the case I am delighted I will not be there:)

  2. Like you, I imagine the next leg of the journey will surprise each and every one of us!

  3. The life hereafter holds several mysteries for us all :)

  4. I really like this, Mosk. And, all books.

  5. I really think that are those that are absent and those you never expected. Great thoughts.

  6. Amen! you captured my musings, but worded so much better. cheers

  7. I like the idea of spending the first year laughing at our own ideas of what the afterlife would be like. Maybe even longer. Maybe those holy books are irrelevant then. Maybe now. Maybe it was always kindness after all.

  8. If Heaven has lots of books, I want to be there! This is great. Hypocrites make all religions look bad. There should be a special Hell for them!

  9. How could it be otherwise?

  10. A lovely vision of Heaven! Yes, how could it be Heaven without books? (Though my religion does not have any holy ones.)