Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Counter-Terrorism Strategy

[The tv goes click]

“What’s that?

Human madness
running through
the smoke and confusion,
blood and anguish,
screams and cries.

Another attack?
A suicide bomber?

They found an
un-detonated belt?
that’s something new.

It matters
less and less.

I was wondering when
the latest threat
was due.

if they’re trying to scare us,
a random explosion
in an airport
a thousand miles away
won’t do.

Hell, they shot up
a Christmas party
20 miles away
and that barely held our attention
until December 17th.

I’m angry and
I’m outraged,
but I won’t let them
see my tears,
my fears.

I cannot.

I watch
from a distance
and keep hidden
these wounds,
refusing to let them see
what  it’s doing to me.

If I let them
kill my soul,
my body will
surely follow.”


  1. Such a profound.soul wrenching write

    Much love...

  2. Oh so true! Maintaining balance is not always easy!

  3. Besides the killings they are changing the mindset of the people of the world. Using resources we could be helping the needy of the world instead of finding and chasing those thugs.

  4. Was in NYC this past Thanksgiving - we opted out of the Macy's Day Parade - so they won that one - but we did go out and about and it was always there, at the back of our minds...

    "... barely held our attention
    until December 17th."


  5. I think we do tend to forget... There is a sense of routine in this... But every once in while we scratch those wounds a little... Personally it has not affected me yet, even though we have had one suicide bomber in Stockholm... (who only killed himself)...

  6. I'm curious who the quoted speaker is here, that's intriguing.
    Been thinking about how trite it feels to write missives about small things like love or kids or letters or whatever, in the wake of all the darkness that greets us every day. This seems to suggest keeping on with that but I've been having a hard time doing so.
    Thanks for this.

  7. It is chilling to be a spectator to these events as they unfold around us. I hate the media frenzy almost us much as the act... So many wolves circling, and revelling in the suffering of others.

  8. The creeping numbness to it all is the scariest part. I completely agree.

  9. Yes, it is so horrid. I have to be a bit numb about it or I will go mad. I so wish there would be good news stories. There are lots of them, but tragedy, the worst in humans makes news rating spike unfortunately.

  10. What else can we do?

  11. So true....we canNOT let them kill our souls.
    We have to keep on living!