Friday, May 27, 2016

CSI: Golgotha

Fully human
and fully divine:

the hallmark of humanity
is sinful
and yet
you had none.

I wonder
how you managed
to steer clear
of everything
but the bull’s eye.

I reconstruct
your ignoble demise
like a forensic scientist
searching for something
to connect me
over the centuries
to you,

something that would
your humanity.

As you hung there
and they mocked you,
you petitioned the father
for a pardon
on their behalf.

I keep rooting around
for even the slightest whiff
of rotten humanity
and I still
come up empty.

I know you were sinless.
I know you were perfect.
I’m a believer.

I just want to know
how you did it.


  1. Woah...this is so minimal in words and yet so powerful in the message. The imagery is so vivid I can 'see' Him on the cross. Good grief, very powerful write indeed.
    Thanks for the visit.

  2. It is spectacular, isn't it?