Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Immerse Yourself

Don’t catch the butterfly
but listen to it sing.

Don’t take her photograph
but kiss her into delirium.

Play the piano
until you’ve coaxed out
your tenderness
but don’t try to record it.

Take your notebook
and be a servant
to your pen
and never show it
to anyone.

Sigh deeply as you
savor the taste
of coconut milk and curry.

Immerse yourself
in the pulsing, demanding
force of life
but don’t try to capture
any of it.

Life keeps flowing
like a waterfall
smoothing the stones
as waves crash below
with a pure abandon
no artist can exploit.

Marvel at
its incomprehensible pattern
its mystery

because someday
it will all stop.

Everything ends sometime
and when it does
surrender those joys
and embrace
the next mystery.

[Posted for The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads ]


  1. Yes, jump in, feel, should be passionate not endured.

  2. Good advice and exquisitely written.

  3. I love it... to immerse yourself is the best of advises... I you love someone -- set them free.

  4. I need to read this every day.

  5. Live life. Don't take a picture of it...

  6. Sounds nice, a Buddah. Chances I won't be around when it all collapses.

  7. I love this. Put your phone down, stop trying to capture everything in a photo and just experience it. Divine!

  8. Mmm...coconut milk and curry...

    Words to live by, my friend. Fabulous.