Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gray Orgasm

chest still heaving for air,
our blood-rushed skin
warm and damp,
the natural, eternal
narcotic coursing through
our bodies,
her gentle snore
what I usually only sense,

a thought niggles
just as I drift into
blissful unconsciousness,
too late to shoo away:

what if that was
the last time?

[Composed for Fireblossom's Fridays at the Real Toads' Lilypad .]


  1. Knowing there's a good chance you've come to the end of the wild nights certainly robs some of the pleasure of those moments. I wonder if ignorance might really be bliss in those situations.

  2. Oh Mosky, you aced the intent of my challenge. What if we knew the last time was the last time? What then?!?

    la la

  3. What if indeed! Do we really ever know?

  4. Oh that ending is a shock - and so real. What if?

  5. Of course that's always a possibility. Does thinking about it become too distracting to be really present, or does it help you to savor life?

  6. I wish I could have gotten to the heart of the challenge as surely as you did here--and indeed, any time really could be the last time--we need to remember that.

  7. I just have to say you nailed it... and how much the prompt of Goodbyes we had the other day could have worked as well...

  8. What a buzz kill :-) But it does make me think--there is a last time for everything and better to have loved and all...

  9. What a way to end the niggles, love it. But wait, come to think of it, ...