Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's Still Magic

I've studied
Burt Bacharach's
"Bond Street"
for 40 years -

the quirky, uptempo
funky saxntrumpet
Hammond B-3 riff
that strange Eastern
flavor and the
soaring orchestra
aural transcendence
- even the Gypsy

and it's only
two minutes long.

I've played it
a million times
since I first heard it
when I was 7
and it still makes me

stop everything
and surrender
to its mystery.

If you know how
a magician
does the trick,
does it make it
any less magical?

it's still magic.


  1. It is not my favorite song, but I can see how someone would find this song magical.

  2. No it does not. I think it makes it all the more meaningful and gives one a chance to look at the trick/illusion in a different way.

    Toni Spencer is Kanzensakura

  3. "makes me
    stop everything
    and surrender
    to its mystery." That's what good music and poetry does even when we know how the magic is done it remains magic.

  4. I interrupted my son's algebra homework with this music...he thought it was cool, and asked "how do the trumpets do that?!"

  5. Oh I do think that there is music that can do that, but there has to be a piece of magic in the listener as well... for me it would be a different song,

  6. I didn't know this particular song, but I've often wondered that about some other songs. How does that magic happen? No matter how much we might dissect it?

  7. Gayle Walters Rose6:52 AM

    It is magical the effect that music can have on us. It imprinted on you at a very young age and somehow speaks to something deep within.

  8. You gotta believe in magic. It can save us

  9. Yes, I remember now....Very good music and has a magical sound to it.

  10. Mocking Bird by James Taylor and Carly Simon does that for me. The interwoven harmonies and riffs always astound me. Love your capture of that feeling.

  11. You're right, magic is magic eVeRYTiMe *smiles*