Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Undercover Chicano Speaks (Day 17 Prompt: Risk)

In the hierarchy
of White racism
I see  
two distinct reactions:
there is hard hatred
against Black skin
and those who 
inhabit it,
the blacker the skin,
the more virulent
the animus, and

there is soft hatred
against those
who are off-white,
of which I am

Since I am not
as dark as others, 
I do not endure the same 
wrath as they do,
but don't think
this is any kind 
of protection.

As I am 
the White racists
sometimes forget
that I am non-White
and let me see 
who they really are

-in all their 
entitled ignorance and ignominy-

and I can test 
in real-time
whether their 
words and actions 
into ethical integrity.

This perspective
is a blessing,
and the finding
is often a curse,

but that's the risk 
you take
when you're 
the Undercover Chicano. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry you have to endure that on both sides, Mosk. It's unbelievable to me that the world was EVER that way, let alone that it still is.