Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Soundtrack, 1982-1998

I can't understand
all the things people say.
Am I black or white,
am I straight or gay?

Let's pretend
we're married and
do it all night.

You're gonna have to fight
your own damned war,
'cause we don't wanna fight
no more!

why does everybody
have a bomb?

it appears to me
that you could use
a date tonight,
a body that'll
treat you right,
am I qualified?

I'm just like my father,
too bold.

Everybody's looking
for the ladder,
Everybody wants salvation
of the soul.

Life can be so nice.

Until the end of time,
I'll be there
for you.

Lovesexy is the one
until my day is done.

I've seen the future
and it works.

Live 4 love.

My name is Prince
and I am funky,
when it comes to funk,
I am a junkie.

Push your way
up to the front and
shake your motherfucking 'do

Could you be
the most beautiful girl
in the world?

All that glitters
ain't gold.

Everybody's here,
this is the jam of the year.

What if everything
you've been told
turned out to be a lie,
how would you know
the truth?

Welcome 2 the dawn.


  1. What can a person say at a time like this?

    1. He was a major influence on the creation of my persona. I went to 7 concerts, bought all his cds, and I have hundreds of bootleg concerts. It's a day of loss for me.

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  2. I'm heart broken at Prince's death as well. His music was such a big part of my youth. He and Bowie continue to inspire me in so many ways.

  3. Perfect tribute. Love this.

  4. Well done, Mosk. xo