Sunday, April 10, 2016

Three Songs for the Rain

When the clouds 
are dark like dirty cotton,
and the air
is heavy with moisture,
in my mind I hear 
that tikki-tikki-teek-teek
of the raindrops
and I hear
Tina Turner's voice
"I can't stand the rain
against my window,
bringing back sweet memories."

As the rain gets stronger
and the sheets are
purposeful and unrelenting,
I remember seeing
Prince and The Revolution
in 1985 
and I remember hearing them
from the cheap seats singing
"let the rain come down,
let the rain come down"

Being a 
southern California native,
after an hour
I've had enough,
and I am taken back 
to a Terence Trent D'Arby concert 
in 1988 
when he sang
"rain, rain,
go away, go way,
rain, rain,
come back again 
some other day."


  1. only been in the MPLS airport. but did see, the lost summer in college when my gf was slowly breaking up with me, Purple Rain in a matinee with her. funny how you remember some things from so long ago. ~

  2. you had me at "clouds dark like dirty cotton..."