Wednesday, April 06, 2016


It's tempting
to wrap yourself up
in statistics,
but if you remember 
that they're only
you won't be 
as surprised.

Some people think
Death comes 
like royal flush 
or a twenty in the gutter: 
once it comes, 
it'll be awhile 
before it comes again.

On Saturday,
February 27, 1999 
my long-suffering grandma 
took her rightful place 
among the angels.

She was 96 
and we silently figured 
we'd have some time 
before Death would re-appear 
and compel 
another family reunion 
via funeral.

Two days later, 
March 1, 1999 
my father, 
(Trini's son)
who never had 
a bad medical report 
(because he never went 
to the doctor) 
died quickly and quietly 
from an undiagnosed 
clogged artery.

I used to be angry, 
now I'm just amused, 
but I'm rarely ever 

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  1. Life teaches us these things and we live through them. I love that you say "now I'm just amused." Sometimes that is all we can be.