Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Fan Letter

Dear Buddha,

First off,
I'm a real big fan
of your writing.

I especially like
how you don't use
words that are too big.

I don't usually read
but I can understand
so I think
it's pretty good. 

I think I know why
you don't put your picture
on your site.

From your poems,
I figure you're pretty
about your body
and face.

I understand: I'm an
uggo too.

I also like
that your poems
are funny,
especially the ones
about your first marriage
(like the one when
your ex wife asked you
not to kiss her so much
during your
wedding reception!)

I need to
confess something to you:
for the past three months
I've been taking
your love poems
and giving them
to my girlfriend,
telling her that
I wrote them for her.
Guess what?
I've gotten more pussy
with your poems
than I did with Axe body spray,
and that's saying something.

So you'll understand why
I don't publicize your site.

Anyways thanks, bro,


  1. Uggos of the world, unite!

    Lala, handsome.

  2. This is a scream! I only hope every word is true.

  3. This is wonderfully funny, in a humble sarcastic sort of way. Love it!