Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Customization Nation

An app for this,
an app for that,
thousands of them,
mostly free.

Make your own ringtone,
personalized wallpaper
wrap it up in its own
protective plastic skin
designed from
your own uploaded

Customize your phone
so it’s no longer
the ubiquitous
tool of
human connection.

Change it
from the window
that could remedy
the disconnected multitudes

into the mirror
that reflects
you you you
and bask in
its hi-tech
narcissistic glory,

as we create
a whole new nation
of disconnected

one subscriber at a time.


  1. Ah yes the new technology can, instead of making life simpler, make people more isolated and more distant; that is if one does not use discretion in accepting all that there is offered

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today Buddah

    Much love...

  2. Thank you, Buddah, for the smile, as I read the last line, of this poem. Sadly, your poem is all too true, as we have lost something, with the advent of the cellar technology, which we'll never be able, to regain, again.

  3. Wit, acuity. I love those in a poem.

  4. "Disconnected multitudes," indeed. Disconnection, from nature and each other, lies at the root of what is happening in our world today. Good one, Mosk.

  5. Ha... let's make ourselves generic as well... maybe we can get a skin to suit our own pretended individuality. There will be an app for that.

  6. The sarcasm dancing with disdain is so thick. I like the wry observation of the irony in customizing something so ubiquitous.

  7. Not a an ideal I have ever bought into. I have purposely not upgraded my phone in 6 years - and am a happy anachronism of the 21st century.

  8. For all of its marvels of connecting us world wide, our technology has turned us all into isolated islands. Well captured and, thanks for your comment, appreciated. :)

  9. I can identify. I've never understood why so many need to be connected 24/7...I mean...why? I don't need to take my social life (such as it is--lol) everywhere I go. There is a time and place for quiet places and quiet spaces.

  10. Yes, there is something terribly wrong. No one can bear to be must be too confronting spending time with only one's self.

  11. This is powerful and sadly true. We are a world of high tech disconnect.