Thursday, June 02, 2016

Red Exit Door

I am lost
in a market place
and I am the only one
who looks human,
everyone else is humanoid.

mutters something
and I am taken away
to a stone cell.

No English spoken
and I can’t read this situation
or remember how
I got here.

Hours pass.

I am in a crowd
and we are whipped
worse than chattel
or Auschwitz Jews.

They all seem to know
something I don’t
and they all seem to

I panic and am lost
in a world where
I cannot find the
red exit door.

Walking through
a dark and humid tunnel
I hear screams,
desperate and frantic.

I look down and see
I am walking on tightrope
over a snake pit
littered with
half-eaten corpses.

I shift and lose my balance
and my heart erupts,
I scream out

which awakens Anita
who tells me

“you were having
a bad dream.”

I exhale
I am found.


  1. Yikes! This is vividly written and sounds quite terrifying. Glad you woke before that horrific fall.

  2. What a terrible dream. I used to have what we called night terrors, this sounds like one. Thank goodness you woke up. I would wake sobbing my heart out with tears streaming down my cheeks from mine. You captured yours perfectly in this. What imagery!