Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why Must I Say "I Believe"?

Before taking the plunge
I asked,

“Why must I say
I believe in Jesus’?

Why can’t I just do
what He said
and try my best
not to sin?”

The chorus
bleated back:

“You can only be justified
by faith alone –
there is no amount of works
you can do to earn it.”

I counter:

but isn’t
to follow Jesus
an act in itself,
a work on its own?

So, then,
will I receive
the free gift
of God's salvation
only when
I do something,
like believe?"

A long, presumably thoughtful pause:
“No, believing’s not a work.”

I remain unconvinced.

If the omnipotent,
Lord and Master of all
will save me if,
and only if,
I acquiesce
and give a confession
of my faith,
where the hell
is the grace
in that?

here’s the Good News:

God loves you
no matter what,
and wants to be
re-unified with you,
and God can wait
longer than anyone
on this miserable and finite
planet can fathom
to celebrate your return.

rather than
give pious rehearsed speeches
about the necessity of
professing one’s faith,

remind them
that God loves them,
and that any
good work you’re doing
is to honor Him,
and to not
to earn Heaven,

and then,
by God,

be Christ-like
and do the good works


  1. Be Christ-like already! I agree to the maximum. And I know the resilience needed to stand up to those who know Laws rather than Faith in action.

  2. Great poem, you've nailed this logic on faith. The issue that salvation is based on belief simply because of a few verses and not on ones hearts and actions has always been troubling. Though I'm not a believer at all, I think if you follow those teachings at the least it leads one to be a better person.

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    A long, presumably thoughtful pause:
    “No, believing’s not a work.”
    ... much to ponder here... like your rumination.

  4. i feel being a householder it's almost impossible to 'follow Jesus'.. we can at most follow some of His words that suit us but to follow Him we need to give away every bit of worldly possession including this 'ego' or self. Love is always unconditional and such a difficult concept....sigh..really enjoyed the words here Mosk...

  5. This is so beautifully profound!!

  6. Hi Mosk - I would go to the 'Church of Mosk' any time. There is not a thing I would disagree with here. Ever think of a change of profession? I think you'd have a following. Smiles.

  7. Here's even better news !
    You interpretation is correct according to the original Christian Church !

  8. Such a beautiful message! A great read :)

  9. You've got it exactly right, Mosk. Well said. I agree with Mary. Smiles.

  10. The very act of faith is a gift from God. The pharisees were the ones who could not understand the free gift that Jesus offered because they were too busy making rules. (they still do today)