Saturday, November 05, 2011

Broken Peace (Prompt: Broken)

Sarah and I
can be sitting watching “Glee”
and something will slip
from a shelf
or my breathing will be too loud
or a sad thought will enter,

and she will explode
in a rage usually reserved
for life threatening traffic maneuvers

and the peace is broken,
the illusion of normalcy
is shattered.

Most days
 it’s an hourly occurrence,
whatever this is
in her dysfunctional cerebellum
that catches afire
and causes her to become
an angry flamethrower

and when its run its course
burned  to the ash
she comes back somewhat contrite
pitiful and apologetic,

and there is no medicine
to fix this,
no surgery,
only time,
occupational therapy
and love,
the only antidote that ever restores
broken peace.


  1. I hear you, Buddah. Sometimes long-time relationships can be like that.

  2. Love is patient.

    Like your choice of "dysfunctional cerebellum".

  3. ...and then we see how relative "normalcy" truly is.

    And Love may be the only medication, but Love is potent.

    Striking work, as ever. Good job.

  4. By the way - do you think you could delete my last poem on virtualpoetryreading (from several months ago) and I could call it in again? I just listened and I sound like an angry preteen, it's awful. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Buddah, I understand this one. I was Sarah. Flying off the handle. But later, when I discovered I had PTSD, I actually was helped by a slight med. But if love and patience are your approach, hey, man, go for it. Love can conquer all in the end, but I took a little shortcut...! Love, Ameleh

  6. I love "only time, occupational therapy and love." You have a good heart, kiddo.