Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wait or Chase (Prompt: ____ or ____ poem)

I didn’t have
the requisite confidence
to wait
for the pretty girls
to flock around me
so I could
take my pick
of any of them
just like
my mother
told me
they eventually

I had a mirror
and perfect eyesight.

So, I began the chase
and I learned to charm,
gently cajole,
listen for clues
and win their hearts.

I got very good

The formula was
finding out their likes
their secret dreams
unspoken passions
and then
fulfilling them,

with brazen,

I could’ve and
loved every one
of them.

l won many, many hearts
but I rarely got laid,

because while they all
desired someone
who acted like me,
they didn’t want someone
who looked like me.

(Again, that infernal mirror.)

I still chase
my beautiful

baring my soul
and my skin,
laying it all
at her feet.

I earn her approval
as she giggles
and the poem
blooms before her

and she breathes in
its rose-like scent,

and pats
her seeing eye dog.


  1. Buddah, this is excellent. And yes, that infernal mirror indeed. So sad that so many 'good catches' are rejected by young men and women who put so much stock in appearances. I loved your ending. It made me smile. Love sometimes IS blind.

  2. I laughed out loud at the ending and my daughter needed to see what was so funny...she laughed too. She is 17 and really thinks she does hate poetry, but people like us will slowly change her mind, wink:) I will be back to read more later. Thank-you for visiting and for your kind thoughts.

  3. Great ending, Buddah.

  4. Good one Buddah buddy! Just don't go given all our secrets away!

    Good job.

  5. I agree with the mirror concept. I remember days when I refused to leave the house because the zit between my eyebrows looked like a henna bindi!

    Truth be told, I was always the personality over the appearance every time. Uber-goodlooking guys always know it and screw you over. I'll be we would have hooked up in the old days!! But then how could I have called you brother? Eek, awkward!! Ameleh

  6. This is brilliant. I love your perspective!!!!