Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Once Upon a Fitting Room (Prompt: Once Upon a _____)

At first,
we were strangers,
trying on each other.

While some parts fit
others needed
immediate alteration.

I always wear her
with pride,
and to her credit
when she wears me,
she stares down
anyone who dares
question her style.

Through these years
though styles have changed,
she still wears my coat
with its food stains
and frayed cuffs and collar,

and for the first time
in my tortured life
as a hideous self-dresser,
I am proud
to be seen in what I wear.


  1. 'she' is a blessed lady:) Humorous and poignant.

  2. This felt very human, very real... and very much made me smile.

  3. You are both so lucky. All my girlfriends borrow their men's clothes. It's the female equivalent of peeing on bushes, a territorial thing. The Man Who Usually Wears This Is MINE.

    So sweet, your final stanza. Sounds like you are getting sartorial advice from her, as well? Love, Ameleh