Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There is No Cure for the Hole in My Soul (Prompt: Love Poem)

There is no cure
for the hole
in my soul
for when I keep trying
to fill it,
it still remains empty.

God hasn’t filled it,
nor has Anita,
the same for my kids
and my beloved animals.

The writing
sure as hell doesn’t help,
often it makes it worse.

The only thing
resembling a cure
when I lose myself
in loving others.

I know
this doesn’t cure
the hole in my soul,

but it keeps me
from obsessing
my incompleteness. 


  1. Oh, Buddah, you have spoken tough truth here. I often feel as you do, except I do not obsess over it....and most of the time just come to terms with it in my own way, realizing that this is just how it is! (And when I fall asleep at night hugging one of my little dogs, it just doesn't matter.)

  2. As a whole this is deep.