Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gluttony (prompt: excess)

I looked I the pantry
and the only thing there
was self-discipline.

It needed something.

So I dusted it in powdered sugar
deep-fried it until it was brown
walloped a dollop of whipped cream
smeared some French dressing
dashed in salt and pepper
dipped it in Belgian chocolate,
then let it marinade in a
mixture of balsamic vinegar
and peanut M&Ms.

Then I baked it in ginger
chopped it into squares
butterscotch fondued it
and after it hardened
I glazed it in Devil’s Spit
barbeque sauce
and sprinkled it with
brown sugar

and once it cooled

I popped it in my mouth

and it was ambrosial,

so I went back and
ate the whole


  1. "Disgusting mess" indeed! Yikes. Reminds me of a roommate I once had who used to bake up a dough ball with an assortment of odd things inside and then eat it as she drank a can of beer.

  2. You had me at, "it needed something".

  3. Other than the balsamic vinegar - yes!!!!!!