Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Catch and Release Memories (Nov 20 Prompt: Catch and Release)

As I have
no discrete memories
(and a few
indiscreet ones),
I catch them all
into one giant
ever-shifting collage,
perhaps as
Jackson Pollock
would have
if digital arts existed.

I release the good memories
from their collective inventory,
sifting and tossing them
like dice,
spilling some onto the page
as a precaution,
before they are
no longer retrievable,

and I pray the other memories
slip through a hole in the net
and get lost
in some undiscovered bit
of the infinite darkness,

where they’ll never
hurt anyone
or haunt me
ever again.

[for #OpenLinkNight at - my favorite place for poetry on the internet - #novpad]


  1. man, you are pumping out poetry...smiles.

    the thing with good and bad memories...they both have to be released...the good we hope sticks...and the bad well hope it goes away, but both have the power to bring us together...the key is in our releasing...

    1. Just trying to keep up with you, my brother. I write as a memory jogger sometimes and as I get older they're getting harder to call up at will! Thanks for your kind words. - Mosk

  2. I wish I could do this! Love spilling them onto a page as precaution!

    1. Honestly, I spill them onto the page to get them down on paper. Otherwise they might get lost in my head - a disorganized enough of a place.

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  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Like the Jackson Pollack reference here. Nice write!

  5. I hear you on this, Mosk. I do think, however, we need to 'deal' with both the good and bad memories somehow. The bad memories can sometimes make themselves into good poems....if one is willing to share them. Somehow writing them for me often makes them impotent. And the good memories...well, it is good to write them to preserve them so that in future years you (and others) can relive them and smile!

  6. Ahh... that would be nice.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, dear Mosk.

  7. ha...i always wondered what to do with my memories..but you gave me some good the imagery in this mosk

  8. I like the wisdom in this. I was raised with good old Catholic guilt, the gift that keeps on giving! Some things go away for a while, only to come back to haunt again. I like the thought of those not so good memories slipping through a hole in the net, disappearing forever. A great way of looking at things, think I'll adopt it.

  9. I agree, we need the good and bad to balance each other. The trick as everyone else is saying, is in the letting go.

  10. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I love your opening and closing stanzas, Mosk.

  11. Oh...I'm addicted to journaling...unabashed and uncensored...the good the bad the ugly all poured out. The good...I return to often...the bad...only when I need to be reminded that in spite of it all, progress has been made, debts have been settled, and of course, this too shall pass. I like to think of it as an experiment in my own personal evolution...narcissist? Perhaps...let me refer to my notes ;) Seriously enjoyed the write, Mosk!

  12. ..a very contemplative read... enjoyed it!

  13. A lovely write. Memories are us, and we are nothing but memories inside. Forget the mundane unimportant ones, but keep the good ones alive.

  14. loved this... i was with every line...great!

  15. I like the imagery of where the bad memories went.

  16. You are your own therapist!

  17. Buddha this is really good! Exceptional:-) I think we all wish it were this way at times, but memories rise when triggered in most unexpected moments... such is the way of the human mind.