Monday, November 19, 2012

If You've Ever Wondered Why My Archive is Entitled "I Hate Poetry" (Nov 18 Prompt: Write a Glosa)

Prompt: Write a glosa. 

"This involves 
an epigram of 
4 consecutive lines 
from a favorite poet 
that the challenge participant 
believes they can 
write successfully to. 

write a poem 
consisting of 
four 10-line stanzas 
where the final line 
of each stanza 
is a line 
from the epigram, 
in order. 

Within each stanza, 
lines 6, 
9 and 
10 must rhyme."

Once done,
then go back 
and switch 
every other verb
for lines 1 through 7

and then replace 
the very next 
present tense verb 
with "fellating."

Go to the second stanza
and replace the
last two lines 
with your horoscope
from the local newspaper.

Review stanza three 
and if the letters you've used
cannot be rearranged
to provide a 
combustible chemical reaction,
then you to the nearest
and copy the epitaph
of the 17th headstone
and force fit it
(at gunpoint if necessary)
into your poem.

In stanza four, arbitrarily
replace the first three
adjectives with the following:

Re-read the work,
if it remains intelligible
and / or accessible,
start over.

If you've ever wondered
why my archive is entitled 
"I Hate Poetry",

now you know.


  1. This.Is.Fantastic. :)

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    My comment went pffft. I love this, Mosk - brilliant. Great giggle!

  3. yes, i am not much for form poetry forget your meter either...feet. feet. what?

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Thank you, poet friend!!! I now feel okay not doing that prompt. :)

  5. Bravo. Well said (with passion & fun). I don't hate all poetry, but I do hate contrivance and formulated "poetry".

  6. Hahahahahahahaha! I was going to be traveling all day and thought I would get the prompt done quickly before we left. Yeah. I didn't get back on the computer til 10 pm. and got done at about 11:30. Very taxing business, and I don't hate poetry! But I love your poem, Mosk. ^_^