Tuesday, November 06, 2012

No Sides (Nov 6 Prompt: Left / Right)

Looking into the
infinite blackness,
one cannot tell
which side of the sky
has more stars.

Standing on the beach
dwarfed by the waves,
it is impossible to tell
which side of the sea
is more friendly.

Listening to the sobs
of a mourning mother,
no one knows
which side of her heart
is torn away.

Meditating on
The One Who is All,
I know that when
all is finally
put right,
none will be
left out.

[for #novpad but mainly for #OpenLinkNight at, a poetic light in the darknesses that is the internet.]


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Oh, Mosk. Stunning.
    "no one knows
    which side of her heart
    is torn away."

    And that ending. Holy cow. Perfect.


  2. truth there in that last bit....sides def wont matter then, and who has more will be a thing of the past, thankfully...

  3. when all is finally put right...I dream of a time when no one will be left out...but admit...the deeper into these dark waters of humanity I wade...the dimmer the light of hope becomes. Thankful for your light today, Mosk...this was a wonderful write. Keep shining!

  4. Very true... the eyes of an onlooker hardly witness the full truth...

    and I like how the first 3 stanzas are dark and last leaves the reader with hope.

    Nice write!

  5. Isn't that the truth. As Buddha himself said something along these lines: Man invented north, south, east, west, the wind doesn't have a need to know which way it blows, it just blows. It is what it is.
    Lovely poem Mosk.

  6. From the mourning mother to the One Who is All... So well put and a good reality check on such a divisive day.

  7. Yes, we draw so many lines in life, and really, none of them matter, or are real. Truth.

  8. Anonymous1:40 PM

    wonderful. who can tell, no really knows. and love the endings

  9. Anonymous1:51 PM

    This is piercing my own heart: "no one knows which side of her heart is torn away". So wonderfully written.

  10. Really? Boy, I can't imagine that is true. Nice dream, though.

  11. Powerful, Mosk... especially the ending!

  12. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Very lovely poem : sky heart-- can't comment well on train but lovely.

  13. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Can't see my comment -- lovely poem-- you have such great examples. K.

  14. I love the optimism in the last stanza, Mosk!

  15. Anonymous6:16 PM

    A piercing look into the problem of perspective, of the possibility of being able to absorb the immensity of even the simplest moments. I do not share the belief that things will ever be put wholly back, but perhaps we'll get closer and closer, in time.

  16. I know this too. Namaste'.

  17. i like that you question our side thinking here...isn't it crazy that we somehow always divide everything into sides...nicely done sir..

  18. Ah, I like your list of things randomly divided, that are indivisible and how that leads to your inclusive conclusion. Cool.

  19. Well done, Mosk! :-) Perspective is everything... and nothing.

  20. The mysteries of life are ours to ponder and only rarely to solve.

  21. Bruddah, your use of "right" and "left" is especially inspired. An excellent meditation on the divisions humans create - and I'm especially thinking about borders at this moment... Love from your sistah, Ameleh

  22. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Perspective, like beauty, in the eye—and heart—of the beholder. Very well done.