Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lady Booze (Nov 15 Prompt: Trade Off)

I haven’t had
a drink now
in almost 23 years,
and as the
roll around,
I still stare
at the rows
of bottles
in the
liquor aisle,
lined up
and waiting
like willing

Everyday is
a battle,
and some days
are bloodier
than others.

So, Lady Booze,
here’s the deal:

I’ll keep bringing
you willing suitors,
drinkers who will
celebrate and revel
in you,
who will
never betray you,

and for your part,
stay away from me.
Don’t blow me kisses
or whisper carnal
promises in my ear.

This way
I will appear
to be strong
and determined,
rather than
the weak,
craven addict
that I am.

They say
God’s grace
is stronger
than your boozy
siren song,

but most days,
I’m in no shape
to test that theory.


  1. Congrats on 23 years! You've resisted the 'siren song' that long - I have no doubt she has no power over you!

  2. Congratulations and well done, my friend. I saw the movie "Flight" recently and the image of the hotel minibar came to mind as I read your line about the willing concubines. What a perfect, perfect analogy.

  3. "Lined up and waiting like willing concubines..." and "God's grace is stronger than your boozy siren song."

    Good on you, Mosk. <3 23 years is almost as awesome as it will be next year at 24. ^_^ Keep counting, and whatever you do, don't stop poeming!

  4. Wow! Excellent, Mosk! Written as only someone who knows could say. Good work!

  5. Brilliant, my friend. This needs to be shared with recovering souls everywhere. From ANYTHING.
    Just brilliant.

  6. Kudos Mosk! My brother fought this fight and I know first-hand (or second, I guess, since it was not my fight) how terrible this demon could be...good on you for resisting the siren's song. Great poem.

  7. I remember this one -- it's still fantastic! Kudos to you, Mosk, for fighting the battle and sharing the ongoing struggle.

  8. I too remember this one - and agree with all it is still wonderful and hopefully you've gotten it out there and shared it with a far far larger audience ... If not - it still remains wonderful and I am honored to be one of the ones who have the opportunity to enjoy... and kiddo why not FB - even if you set all your settings to private?!! Miss you!