Friday, November 09, 2012

When He’s Gone (Nov 9 Prompt When He's Gone)

When he’s gone
his petty poems and
thinly veiled pleas
will cease cluttering
the internet.

Maybe nobody
will even know notice
he’s gone.

Just in case 
I’m leaving
detailed instructions
on how he wants 
his ceremony:

cremate him
and put his ashes
into helium filled balloons
and then
set them free,

so that they’ll
land or explode
completely at random.

Make sure you play
“The Secret O’ Life” by James Taylor
“(It’s Not Easy) Being Green” -
the Frank Sinatra version,

and for the closing
play the Charles Brown recording of
“I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted.”

He knows 
you will be 
too emotionally
busted up
to plan all this,
so he’s left all these notes
on his computer in a folder
labeled “Final Show.”

You’ll also find there
suggested anecdotes and insights
for his eulogy
and pictures 
he found especially
that can be used in a
slide show,
if desired.

Don’t mistake his
planning for 
morbid fascination,
or worse, narcissism:

he’s just trying
to help 
make things easier

one last time.


  1. ha i rather like the thought of the ashes in the balloons...i might have to steal that idea...and i did not take it as narcicism...i think i would rather leave them with as little to do after as well...and dont think you would not be missed...smiles.

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Don't go anywhere soon, Mosk.


  3. Anonymous2:27 PM

    :D I loved this. Great plans and so nice to be helpful one last time! - deb