Friday, November 16, 2012

Inescapable (Nov 16 Prompt: Start Poem with Last Line of Previous Poem)

To test that theory
I’ll use the old

“who are you going to believe,
me or your lying eyes?”

I cannot see
the air I breathe
and depend upon,
yet I know it is real,
because I see
what happens
when it is taken away.

It is
the same
with God.

Just because
you can’t see God
doesn’t mean
God doesn’t exist.

If I try
to take away God
to see what happens,
I can’t.

God doesn’t exist
just because
we believe in God
and therefore
will God into existence.

Thomas Talbott called
God’s love
and for me,
that makes it
as basic as air.

[For #novpad - to get Talbott's work go here.]


  1. smiles...there are many things we dont see but exist...god is ahrd...sHe comes with baggage...our own of course....and a great target as well when we need to blame...but i am rabbit trailing...know i hear you...and believe...

  2. I read this on PA and needed to come find the poem with the last line of "to test that theory"...and I'm so glad I did. Your #15 for PA was fantastic!

    As is this one.

    The idea behind believing in what you cannot see was the inspiration behind one of my poems a while back ( it might suggest otherwise, I too, believe that God's love is as inescapable as air. Nice done, Mosk!

  3. You make a good point, there is so much we can't see that we take as fact. CS Lewis said, "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” Of course Christianity is somewhat different than God, but I think you still get the point. Did you find it frustrating not using a pronoun for God?

  4. God's love IS inescapable. Agreed!

  5. This is a breath of fresh clarity, communicated so well. It reminds me of the relationship of cold to heat, light to dark, love to hate. God is love, so the last one goes without saying. Love this one so much.

  6. This is just exactly it, Mosk.