Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dear Dorothy (Nov 8 Prompt: Dead Poet)

Dear Dorothy,

With your unsentimental eye,
and that firecracker wit,
I would’ve been a goner,

especially as I prize
brains and humor

I would’ve followed you around,
as would a puppy dog,
waiting for you
to see me as more.

Were that the case,
I might’ve broken through,
and with my feelings
you might’ve changed
and all the classic verse,
the tales of unrequited love,
might have gone

It’s best
that we never met,
except in the
pages of a book,
for if you loved me
way I loved you
there’d be
no need
for your
longing and poignant

and perhaps
as you entertained
my petitions,
I might’ve even
made you laugh,
and that would be
a gift
only the cosmos
would be able
to summon.


1 comment:

  1. I love Dorothy Parker and her acerbic wit. This poem charmed my socks of, or would have if I were wearing them. ^_^ God only knows what would have happened had she read it too...