Tuesday, November 29, 2016


"Here's how we're
going to do this:

take all those boxes
"Writings: 1977-1994"

make sure they are
double sealed and
and put them in
the archive stack.

No one's going
to want to read
besides everyone
he wrote those for
are either long dead
or married.

Then there's that
plastic bin
of cassette demo tapes.

I don't think
he's ever going
to bounce those
to digital,
so I think we can
archive those too.


all his stuff from
it's scattered

It's like he had no
just because he wrote
under a pseudonym.

You have all the
passwords, right?

OK, then
here's what you do:
go through
each site
and take each one offline.

Don't delete them,
just don't let
anyone see them
until his daughter
has had a chance
to see them,
to review them.

since he
to her
all the rights
to all his artistic
(yeah, right)
artistic products,

until she decides
how to proceed,

I guess we can consider
Buddah Moskowitz
offline indefinitely.

For now.

it just hit me
that he's really gone."


  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    This is most certainly poetry. And I can't thank you enough. I've been running a Creativity Challenge for those who are distressed about the current political scene in the U.S. It's a daily word, to be used in whatever fashion one would choose. I just finished the prompt for tomorrow and it is "voice". Then came here to respond to your comment on my poetry site. Only to find this delightful confirmation of the word I had chosen. Thank you. And I totally identify with what you have written. I have the boxes in my storage closet, the memory sticks in a desk drawer, and have been digitally speaking for eight years, since retirement. I also told someone recently that I intended to bequeath it all to my daughter. Only exception, is that I am not gone yet. Please consider joining us at the challenge. We need your voice. It gets posted every morning, early, at


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth - I will seriously consider joining, even though my output this month has been less-than-inspiring. Thanks for your encouragement. - Mosk

  2. I know, right? Thankfully it's fictional!

  3. yeah. after the divorce, those old journals went missing. and as far as online? my usual 7 or 8 readers might notice the blog went silent, if I ever do pull on the string...