Sunday, November 06, 2016

Prayer of the Uncertain

"Dear God,

I've run out
of things to ask for,
because I don't want
to seem greedy
or get my hopes up,

help me
to get to the point
where I am joyful
at whatever
nonsensical hell
you send my way.

Help me
to stop asking for help.

Help me
to just be here now.

Help me
to stop picturing you
as an eternal daddy,
and treat you
like a friend.

No, better than a friend,
better than a parent.

Help me
treat you like my God.

But don't make it
too difficult,
we both know
I have problems
with follow through.

Okay, amen,
I guess."


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I love your work ... even when you're on your knees, begging for help.

    1. Thanks so much. My prayers tend to fail as I am usually trying to entertain and amuse God rather than honestly communicate. Either way, thanks!

    2. Anonymous6:54 AM

      Ha. What an excellent point. :) I think we have to do what comes naturally; otherwise, we're not sharing our true personalities. And I think he really wants that ... not just communication, but who we are ... even (or especially) our flaws.

    3. Thanks for the encouragement and the idea that maybe its ok if I amuse and entertain God. There is no audience greater. When you entertain God, you're playing in the big room. :)