Thursday, November 03, 2016

Calling Dr. Chau

“Look, I realize
you don’t understand me
and I’m not trying to be
when I say that.

I know you don’t speak
English, doctor,
but just keep nodding
like that
and I’ll keep talking.

I come here because
I can say anything
I want
and I don’t fear judgment,
I don’t fear
the moral recrimination,

you just smile,
and nod your head
(sometimes you write
something down)
and after 50 minutes
I get up
and give you a check
and point out
on the wall calendar
when I’ll be back.

used to be
me putting on
another persona,
saying different lines,
still trying to impress
or amuse
the practitioner,
and I’ve never had
a breakthrough.

I come in,
I talk, I don’t talk
I pay attention,
I nap.
I read.
I meditate.

a place
with no demands,
no responsibilities,
no schedule.

I can just
be me.

that’s therapeutic.”


  1. Find that right spot, which you can be you, is the hardest thing, a person, will ever learn, in their lives. Something, I still struggle with myself, as I walk upon my journey of healing and self-discovery. Do hope you're able to continue your own journey and find true inner peace.

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM

    So good. So so so good. Excellent line breaks.

    1. Thanks, NebJo! I write these "poemonologues" and the line breaks are there for the reader (to emphasize the ideas) and for the actor (to indicate reasonably where pauses might be). Thanks!