Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Non-Compliant Patient

“So, Mrs. Moskowitz,
your numbers look
for the most part,
but I’m still worried
about your blood pressure.

Are you taking your meds?

I know it’s difficult
to remember to take them
all but, it’s …

Yes, I know, it’s been
a rough week,
most everyone
I know has been upset by the
election, but still…

Well, do the meds give
you any bad side effects?

Yes, I know
it’s hard to remember
when you’ve got problems in
your personal life, but…

Well, then
maybe what you need
to do is get
one of those pill boxes
with the days of the…

You have some?

So, I don’t understand,
why won’t you take…?

Well, it’s all connected:
if you get your blood pressure
under control,
it’ll help that pain
in your kidneys…

yes, it’s all connected,
Mrs. Moskowitz.

I mean, your numbers
have been … ok,
these past few visits,
but that luck
won’t hold out forever.

Well, no, I wouldn’t agree
with your son
that you have a death wish, but …

most likely,
you’re not going to go
in a sudden
quick flash,
but rather,
you’re increasing
your chance of stroke,
and you’ve already…

two strokes already.

I’d like to see you
in two months,
and please,
just take your meds,



  1. You are a very crafty poet. If I'm not mistaken, you've cleverly embedded a completely different conversation, perhaps with a completely different Mrs. M. I see something very erotic hidden in your line breaks and such. I think you're practically begging for (demanding) some action.

  2. Thanks for your oversexed interpretation, but it literally is a transcript of the Dr appointment I took my 76 y.o. mom to yesterday. I ran out of material and I had to meet a deadline. But thanks, I appreciate the kind thoughts!

    1. Ha. I can't help it. It's just my way. :)