Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Day After Thanksgiving

"Thank you
for coming and
helping out.

you probably can
help out
in the kitchen,
but honestly...

at the moment
we've actually got
more volunteers
than we need...

but that won't be
for long.

There'll be another
wave soon,
but I'll give you
this tip about

on the big holidays,
especially like Easter
and Thanksgiving,
people always come
out big to help...

but do you know
when we
really need help?

The day after Thanksgiving,
the week before Christmas,
the month preceding Easter...
you get it?

we don't need your help
just on the days
when you remember
the poor,
the hungry,
and the homeless,

they need your help
on ordinary days when
they're forgotten.

OK, I see some folks
just came in,

you, find them a place
to sit
and you,
follow me
to the kitchen."

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