Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ahead of My Time (Less Indulgent Version)

1977 -
In junior high school PE,
I was one of those boys
who wasn’t a great athlete
and I didn’t aspire to be one.

I liked talking to girls
and reading
and listening to records
and daydreaming
and watching
Heckle and Jeckle cartoons.

I dreaded the miscreant sadists
we called “Coach,”
and their misguided attempts
to make men of
"sissy boys" like me.

I never understood
why all my classmates
loved this -
even as a kid
I knew it was sweaty,
and not conducive to

And now, as I see the fattening
of middle school boys
in 2011
texting girls
plugged into their iPods
playing Call of Duty
and not wanting to get sweaty,

I smile
at how I was 
ahead of my time.


  1. You took out Armando and the homoerotic army man fantasy! But, it's still good. :)

  2. Thanks - I thought it was a little better without the subplot. I will address the subplot some other time. Thanks for your nice comments.

  3. This made me smile (literally)... a little darkness, a little humor, but overall just very human.