Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow (for Sarah) (Prompt: Maybe ____)

Maybe tomorrow
things will look different,

no, they will look different
if only because you’ll be seeing them
with eyeballs that are
one day older.

Maybe tomorrow
everyone you thought
was ignoring you
will come around
slapping you
on the back asking
“where’ve you been?”

Maybe tomorrow
whatever dark mood
that’s intruded upon you
will instantly vanish
because of 
something as simple
and random as
the dog dancing wildly
when you come home,
or a freshly baked
chocolate chip and M&M cookie,
or your favorite
song playing on the radio.

when you’re feeling
low and blue,
and it feels like nothing
will ever change,

remember this:

the only thing we can
predict in this world
is change!

The darkness won’t last forever,
it’ll change too.

Until then,
be good to yourself,
take care of yourself

and if you have to,
sneak away to a private place

and give yourself a
big ,

until I can give you one

Love, Pop-o

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  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    OK, I'm shpritzing. This was an encouraging, loving poem. So full of hope and reminders of joy. Truth is, Mosk, I needed this today...

    I did a "maybe" too:

    Love you, brother. Ameleh
    ...and the Captcha code was "unbred," but maybe they mean "inbred"?!