Friday, April 01, 2011

The Hottest Day of the Year (Prompt: How You Got Here)

Conceived in December 1962,
I often wonder what song was playing
when I was humped into existence.
Was it “Telstar”,
“Big Girls Don’t Cry”
or maybe “Mashed Potato Time?”

As second-born,
I was supposed to be a girl,
so right out of the chute
I either
surprised or disappointed-
take your pick.

I did make my Dad happy
on the day I was born:

it turned out to be
the hottest day of the year
and I made it possible
for my working class parents
to spend the day
in a nice
air-conditioned hospital.


  1. Ok, gonna follow you here too! :)

  2. Hello Buddah
    So great that you cared to write smth nice about my poem on Poetic Asides.
    Well, I actually love your last stanza where your parents are cooled in the hospital due to your birth.
    And I was on Poetic Asides before. I was there in 2009 and someone, Jacqueline Cardenas, and I went through the month together and later kept up correspondence. I fancied Andrea Porter's poems that year and Jacqueline wrote to her and we formed a writing group. We wrote short stories and Andrea Porter contacted her publisher in UK about my short stories because she liked them. This publisher, Salt Publishing, submitted all I had written (well, short stories) and I just read through the proofs and within this month it's out there for sale.
    So Poetic Asides is great!
    But I put all my poems inspired by the prompts there and I hope that you will, too. I can see that you're a good writer so to be an artist today, you'd have to give something away. Simply to be seen.
    For me that is extremely important because I'm a Dane which means that English is my second language.
    I can tell you that it is quite extraordinary - only Karen Blixen made that stunt before me.
    Well, on Poetic Asides, I'm intending to make this situation known - and since it takes a poem a day then I will write them.
    And also I really hope that you will put some of your splendid work there directly.

  3. Hey there, it's Feta from LJ - followed you link over here.

    This poem kinda got me thinking - I may have to write my own version. Thank you indeed!