Friday, April 15, 2011

David [name withheld] (Prompt: Profile Poem)

His hubris is such
that he often says
his six-word story is
“God created,
and so must I.”

In everything he does
he tries a creative approach.
While this is not
always successful
(as evidenced by his previous
failed love relationships),
he relies upon
the element of surprise
to compensate for
true talent and competence.

He is most proud
of his second marriage
and how seamlessly
he became a husband
and assumed the paternal role
to Anita’s pre-existing

In his free time
he is a voracious reader
of nonfiction,
with his favorite genres being
show business biographies,
theological treatises
and reference books.

He loves all forms
of music,
and his favorite all-time band
is the New York Dolls.

He started writing
when he was 15,
and while there have been
long periods of inactivity
in the intervening 33 years,
writing is the single
most gratifying work
he’s ever done.

When he writes
he is no longer
overweight or
Mexican or
awkward or
unwanted or

True to his credo,
when he writes
he creates himself,

and it amuses him,
and thankfully,
he amuses easily.


  1. That first line is frickin awesome :)

  2. when I get a talented writer like you to use a would like frickin, I know I did something right. :)

  3. I frickin' agree with Nikki! Also, the closing has that touch of Buddahesque self-deprecation we have all come to love.

    Tu eres mi hermano, Ameleh